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WOW! It's been a while! Long story short... I got out of the habit of playing. And then when I wanted to play again, I had gotten a new monitor and the game looked SO different (bad) on it that I couldn't even bear to play it. Finally, this last week I wanted to play so bad that I fired it up for the first time in a year or so, and fiddled with the monitor settings for about 10 minutes and finally found settings that make the game look good! Sadly I have to readjust everytime I play because the settings that work for the game make the internet almost impossible to look at, but that's life! I'm glad to be playing again!

I figured a good way to dive right back into it would be to play my legacy family a bit more, and things are moving along nicely for them!

To catch up first, check out the rest of the legacy.

Travers 1.0 | Travers 1.1 | Travers 1.2 | Travers 1.3 | Travers 1.4 |

Denise and Juan had been trying for another baby, and lately Denise had been feeling hungrier than usual... maybe it meant something?

Helena wanted to make sure that even if her parents were trying to give her a sibling, she would still be the ever-impressive oldest child. Handstands seemed to be the way to do it.

Good news comes one morning when Helena finds out she's pregnant! Maternity leave starts right away!

Helena is really excited to find out whether she has a little brother or sister in there. Mostly because she isn't very nice (one lonely niceness point) and she probably wants to torment the little bean as soon as possible!

It's wintertime and lots of snow has been falling in Ferndale, so it's perfect snowman making weather. Juan wanted to help, but Helena demanded sole artistic direction, so he had to watch instead.

Helena's "masterpiece".

Even if the snowman made her parents a little nervous, it didn't frighten this (apparently lost) little penguin who dropped by to chat about algebra.

Helena had to come out and say hello too!

Pregnancy this time around is making Denise very tired....

And hungry!

But at least the whole family gets to benefit from the pizza cravings!

Tune in next time to meet the newest addition to the Travers family!

(*I only noticed as I was plunking the pictures into this post that I missed cropping out parts of the red pause frame from the game... oops! I'm a little rusty!)

Date: 2012-06-20 01:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Welcome back to Simming! :)

I get a kick out of Helena. I don't think of Sim-kids as having strong personalities, but Helena has a mind of her own. I'm curious to see how she'll get along with her new sibling!
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