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Dec. 20th, 2010

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I rarely get bugs or weird behaviour in my game, but this one cropped up tonight and it is really frustrating me. >:( I posted this over at the MTS help forums, but I'll post it here too in case anyone on LJ can give any advice!

"Had a weird bug crop up tonight. I have a Sim family, and I noticed that the little girl had crawled into her parents bed next to mom to sleep. So I woke her up and told her to go sleep in her own bed. But every time I queued that up, the icon in the queue changed from her own bed to the parent's bed and she went to sleep there instead.

So I got both the parents in bed so it wasn't available, but now the option to sleep in her own bed is just GONE, even though she was very low on energy.

Included a screenshot to show what I mean.

I changed the bed to another one, rearranged the room, saved, exited, reloaded etc. I had recently downloaded a couple new hacks, so I removed them from the game but no effect.

So for now she is having to sleep on the couch which seems to be no problem, but I can't figure out what is causing this bug and how to fix it?"
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