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Not a whole lot of Maxis makeovers happen in my game besides some random townies and such, since I play a custom hood. The only time Maxis families get played in my game is if they're one of the families in the Sim bin and I decide to place them!

One of the families I decided to plunk into my hood was the Picaso family. I hadn't played them forever but I decided it was time to get something going on for them!

Here's the cute little house they moved into. Originally they were in one of the Maxis rowhouses, but I needed something with a little more room for two family Sims to expand their family into. :)


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Last time, Denise made a laughable suggestion to Juan about having another kid, Cheese was adorable and sleepy, Alicia sold lemonade, Helena kept sneaking out and there was a mother-daughter water balloon fight.

Travers 1.0 | Travers 1.1 | Travers 1.2 | Travers 1.3 | Travers 1.4 | Travers 1.5 | Travers 1.6 | Travers 1.7 | Travers 1.8


Why so upset Denise? Lots of changes for the Travers ahead... )


Nov. 10th, 2012 03:55 pm
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Christy Chien is an avid dog lover, and I'd be willing to bet her house doesn't smell too good thanks to it. But she wouldn't have it any other way!



Meet Christy, Owen, and the dogs.... )
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In the previous installment, Denise and Juan welcomed their second daughter Alicia to the family, after which Denise tried to get back into shape, and Helena became a teenager (and somewhat rebellious as we will see in this episode).

Travers 1.0 | Travers 1.1 | Travers 1.2 | Travers 1.3 | Travers 1.4 | Travers 1.5 | Travers 1.6

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I participated in my first Sims Secret Santa exchange this year, at Sims 2 Supernova forums! One of the gifts I got was this awesome Sim named Nathan Colbert!

I got him all set up in his new bachelor pad, so here's some decor pics and some shots of the man himself!

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The Cinderella family wants to welcome you to their home for Christmas! Come in out of the cold and join them for some holiday fun!

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Nov. 11th, 2010 01:50 am
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See some random Sim pics (but mostly decor pics!). Moved two families into the Vancouver, the Flynn's (who just expanded their family with baby Cassandra!) and Josephine Hunt, new to the neighborhood!

First, lets check out the Flynn's place...

pic-a-tures!! )
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I've started a little project - Simming the ladies of Mad Men! I love this show, even though I've only watched the first two seasons-ish (I'm slow to catch up!)

Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) is giving me a bit of trouble... I can't seem to get her face quite right, and I'm trying to find the right outfit for her. I need to find a good hair for the Peggy Olson Sim (played by Elizabeth Moss) before I can get started on her.

But I'm pretty darn happy about how the Betty Draper Sim (played by January Jones) turned out! Take a peek at a preview of her and some of my reference pics after the jump!

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I always focus on the same families so much, so I wanted to do a mini update on a couple other families around Ferndale and Bridgemont. This time, birthdays and just a little slice of life for some newlyweds.

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Helena is doing some growing and mom Denise is trying to get a promotion!

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