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Oct. 26th, 2012 11:18 pm
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I just noticed I made a real bonehead move... I forgot to include one of the screenshots for my latest set of kids walls! If you downloaded it you may have noticed it and scratched your head a little. Consider it a bonus! Here's the screenie, if you want it go back to the post linked above, I will be adding that screenshot in that post too! Oops!

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Now that the kidlets have a few more options for modern style murals in their rooms, the adults need another turn! Here are four more modern contemporary style murals, adult style. All murals are three piece - a plain wall (which you can conveniently also use as a regular paint should you so desire) and the two piece mural section.


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After a loooooooooooooooooooong hiatus, I figured I should finally get back to making some of those modern nursery/kids walls! They have been very popular since I released them, both on my LJ and especially over at MTS. I'm feeling lazy right now after working on these all night and I don't want to bother with the MTS upload process, so I may or may not eventually upload these there too. In any case, they're gonna be here! This is a big pack of them too!

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I have a few more kids murals for you today, but I've also included a couple in this pack that will work very well in more grown-up decors! So your adult Simmies can get it on the mural action too!

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I'm back, with ANOTHER set of kids walls! And this time, it's more murals!! They've proven quite popular on here, and I also put them up on MTS and they were well received there as well. So without further ado, here are the murals!!

Set comes with left and right piece for all three murals, plus plain wall piece. All are filed under paint and cost $3 a tile. As you can see I finally decided to depart from those same yellow/beige walls... I liked doing them a bit for continuity but this was a little bit more different sooo... new colour!

Credit for design goes to Meomi Cloud House.

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Another new set of modern walls for your babies, toddlers and children! These are all tiling, no murals this time around. Hope you enjoy!

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Months ago I created some modern nursery walls - this is a bit of a continuation of that theme, although more geared towards kids. But these could absolutely be used in nurseries too... let's just say it's for young Sims!

Safari Border
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Got a whole ton of new walls for you today! There are 6 sets with 26 individual walls in all. All are filed under wallpaper, all are only $3 each!

Beaded Stripes
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I got a little wallpaper happy over the last couple days!! Thought I would share with everyone! There are three different sets, enjoy them! :)

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Hey everyone! I've gotten back into a bit of a kick with making walls and this time, I'm focusing on nurseries!! I always feel like I don't have enough variety, or exactly what I want, when it comes to kids rooms. And a lot of the stuff available is either really cutesy or old-fashioned. So I trolled the web for inspiration and ideas and made a wall set of modern looks for the nursery!! There's a couple tiling paint mural sets and some that are plain walls with one or two mural pieces that look great right above a crib as a focal point in the room! This is currently in the moderation queue (as of Thursday night) at MTS so you could get it there too, as well as another set I did recently. Username there is the same as here. :) But I'm adding a bonus wall set download on my LJ that I didn't include on the MTS upload ;)

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